image3image4I recieved this message from Julia Lowell in my inbox:

Hi Sally, you don’t know me but anyways, but I hope you don’t mind me sending you this message…after reading your interview in last months issue of GAIA mag I purchased a copy of your book and just wanted to say I bloody loved it. Fantastically written, one of those kind of books you don’t want to put down, I read it in one sitting through the night, kept reading one chapter, checking the clock and saying to myself I should really turn the light out but then thinking oh sod it….just one more chapter lol. Thank goodness it was a Friday night. Looking forward to more. Keep up the good work. You get a big thumbs up from me.

12272778_10154302545103496_280016965_n2015-12-01 12_53_08-Sally Eddie Edwards - MessagesI recieved this message from Lauren Karl in my inbox:

Just read How to Love and I totally loved it…what a beautiful message…my heart felt so warm after reading it plus I think it really opened my eyes as to what people with disabilities and especially in this case, people in a wheelchair go through on a daily basis. It really has made me more aware. Well done Sally Edwards! Please bring out the next book.

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