How’s your Juggling Skills?

Whilst sitting on my couch at 4.30pm today exhausted it occurred to me that whilst  working from home had its obvious advantages, no early morning alarm, no playing sitting ducks with traffic and no boss watching over you leaving five minutes early, working from home gives me a whole host of new challenges I had not considered before embarking on this life of being an Author.Being a bit of a party animal and night owl also gives me a bit of a knightmare when it comes to my time management .This all makes me think that all those wonderful Lesbian Authors out there are superhuman how do they fit it all in.I pride myself in being fiercely independent and I hate asking for any kind of help what so ever but as i am a wheelchair user sometimes some of those daily tasks others take for granted I face head on with dread and frustration. Looking at this from a more humorous side however, today I was sat in my kitchen, head in oven covered in cleaning fluid I had a flashback to a funny event which happened to me as a child.These childhood memories are becoming more frequent as I am writing the sequal to HowTo Love and this storyline takes the reader into Charlie’s life as a young school girl struggling to come to terms with being the only disabled student to attend a mainstream secondary school, over protective parents and the early stages of her realising her sexuality was” a bit different” to her classmates.Some people have commented to me that I should leave the idea of Charlie behind and move onto a different area but as she is almost me and my life I feel very attached to her life’s journey and all the events which have happened to her it’s hard to let go…others have said “write what you know” and I tend to agree with that philosophy. So when trying to solve my time management dilemma I think…do I find an office away from home, what and leave behind the option of being distracted by my daily dose of Ghost Hunting TV shows on day time TV and have to cover office costs, and not have endless cups of coffee to hand and biscuits..I don’t think so.No! I think my night owl days are numbered I need earlier nights so I can get up earlier and fit all my daily things in properly it’s either this or I hire a nice young maid…applicants apply within…!!! On that note I need to take myself from my iPad and cook my dinner and give my poor neglected four legged friend some much needed snuggles.Until next time ….WISH ME LUCK!!!!!!


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