Butch Losses

I wanted to put into context my reasons for starting to write. I am sharing with you a film made by a lady named Janet Jones. The film is called “Butch Losses”.

I had the pleasure of meeting Janet at LFest three years ago when I was invited to participate in a Q and A session at the screening of the film. This was the moment I had the thunderbolt of a realisation that there is very little, if not nothing in the way of exposure in the media of LGBT people living with disabilities and illnesses or conditions.

This realisation was the birthing place for “How To Love” and the many other novels which will follow. I hope that you enjoy Janet’s film.

WARNING : There is conversation of a sexual nature, adult themes and the occasional use of bad language within the film, so sharing with younger people is not advisable. Janet is an inspirational individual and if it wasn’t for our meeting my writing career may not have happened.

Janet still supports me in my career and I was delighted to giver her a character in “How To Love”. If you have read the book, I wonder if you can guess who she is?

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