It’s better to give than receive


Right from the start of my adventures as a writer I felt very strongly that the  work I did benefitted others. Proceeds to my debut novel are going to the LGBT charity the L Project so will the follow up novel released later this summer and the next one to be released is called Behind The Mask. Proceeds from the sale of this will go to the Behind The Mask Foundation. Just over three years ago I became friends with Michelle and aware of her journey of living with PTSD and her recovery.I was delighted when I volunteered my time to anything I could when she set up her foundation which is a peer support and counselling service which can be accessed by people online , meaning they don’t have to leave their own front door to get help.Along with my partner we were asked to be part of the fund raising team.This exciting role means we get to do lots of exciting things whilst raising money and the profile of the foundation. On Sunday 5th June my partner and I will be taking on a 26 mile hand cycle challenge in my local gym.As both of us are wheelchair users this is an enormous challenge but my theory is that mental health is not easy to live with and there are many challenges living with it, so why give ourselves something easy to do to raise funds?. We all experience some form of mental health issue in our lives be it directly or know of someone close who is suffering, and there is such a stigma around the subject. I have had my own struggles and am close to others who have their own battles .My reasons for doing the challenge are personal as this is a significant date in my life therefore it has meaning.

If you can support behind the mask in any way you can reach them at

this is also the place to go to donate to our event on Sunday or to simply donate to the foundation

thank you



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