Archive performances: Hampshire Pride 2016 and LFest 2016

I Was delighted to be invited to do a live reading at Hampshire Pride I was made to feel very welcome.

This weekend I was lucky enough to appear on the indie Author Panel at LFest 2016.It would double up as the official Launch of my second Novel Needle In A Haystack, exerts from the diary of Charlie Duke.On Saturday morning I sat nervously perched ontop of the raised platform hoping not to fall off the back, looking around at the women arriving into the Arts Tent, our venue for the panel. I had spent some time earlier chatting to the other authors getting to know them, we seemed to quickly bond and I felt very comfortable around them.i was initially nervous about my book as my target audience for is are teenagers so reading to an adult audience was in my mind a risk, however I felt my book received a great deal of interest . So now almost a week on from the panel I am busy sending out copies of my new book after receiving orders directly from people who attended Lfest and I am putting together a marketing plan. Al the support I am receiving is so appreciated. If you would like to buy a copy of Needle In A Haystack please log onto Amazon.



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