Ive definately got a spring in my step

Hello and thank you for reading my latest blog. despite not posting much recently that doesn’t mean I have been taking things easy, in fact ive been very busy behind the scenes. Despite taking a short break from finishing my third novel I have been taking some time out to do some professional development,a refresher so to speak. I have been working through steps to raise my profile. You may have noticed that  the look of my website is different, this has been a big project and i can only exstend my sincere gratitude to everyone who has been helping me do this…you know who you are!

So what’s been happening? I am delighted to have been selected to participate in the first DIVA Literary Festival which is taking place in Birmingham in November.I will be in the company of Literary royalty with fellow authors/writers such as Kiki Archer Val McDermid VG Lee and hot properties of the moment Helen Oakleigh Kate Bennett and a whole host of other amazing female writers.The event is being hosted by non other than Heather Peace…post twin births.The whole weekend promises to be a wonderful occasion and i am deeply honoured to be selected to participate so early into my career. I have applied to perform in the poetry platform at this’d years Lfest and i am waiting to find out if my application has been successful.

i have been dipping my toe into wider ponds and finding groups to join on social media. I recently joined an arts group based in scotland and i was delighted to participate in my first poetry open mic performance.This was a special victory as it was happening at a venue quite far away so i was unable to attend in person, but we were able to work together to arrange for me to perform via skype, demonstrating that more disabled performers can take part in events like this as long as the organisers are happy to think outside the box to make it money accessible.

i have begun a few new lifestyle rituals which have proved to be so useful to my working levels. I am able to write something however small every day i have increased the amount of poems i am writing a week and feel like i have found a real niche with my poetry.

I am hoping to secure a few more dates for appearances in the coming weeks and months and will let you all know as soon as i hear anything.

i feel like I have a renewed sence of energy to take things further so expect lots of news and activity online. With so many external influences affecting our sence of well being and so many political changes and unrest i leave you with this small thought, change is scary, but sometimes its so worth taking a leap of faith and go with it..to quote a line from a sweet kids movie used by the family of an adorable son who is very sick…keep swimming , the future is only  just beginning.

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