2018…three months in and it’s non stop

Soma Needs A Friend04C8FB13-B320-4954-9DF3-CC6315BF1554Enjoying a creative season

Well we are heading into the middle of March already where does the time go? I took some time off at the beginning of the year but I have been in the midddle of a very create time for about two months. I was thrilled to be interview for an article in the women’s magazine DIVA. in the articele I spoke about being a spokesperson for many different subjects and campaigns.we have just celebrated another international women’s day and I had the pleasure of high lighting five women who inspire me in some way.

towards the end of last year I released my debut Poetry Collection Ripples.I still have a handful of copies left so if you would like to buy a copy please email me at

the latest announcement is…. I have released my first Children’s Short Story.Soma Needs A Friemd can be downloaded in Kindle from Amazon.

my work does not stop there, later this year I will be releasing my next Full Novel, I am really excited about this. I have submitted a number of applications to be part of various collaboration projects and to a number of festivals…updates to follow when I hear anything. Please keep an eye open for any campaigns I support and help me get behind them.

i will update you all in the next coup,e of months but in the meantime thank you for all the amazing support. If you know of any children who may like my children’s short story do pass the information on.and if you would like copies of Ripples, please email me. Thank you until my next blog take care be kind and be happy. Xx

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