Time Flies

Well we are at mid November and I cannot believe how fast this year has flown by.Even though I have not published any new work I have been busy behind the scenes spending some time doing some professional development and I started up an new YouTube Vlog.The reason behind the Vlog is to talk about issues I feel passionate about and talk about how I incorporate some of these issues into my work.I also hope to use this channel to promote any future work I will be publishing.I have been learning on the spot all about Instagram and I’m currently addicted to watching Vloggers on YouTube, all in the name of research…obviously.

If anyone has experience with Vlogging and would l8e to offer me some advice and tips as a newbie then please feel free to reach out and of course when you visit the vlog please press SUBSCRIBE…thank you in advance.Starting a new channel is daunting at first and I would love to gain as many followers as possible .

BOOKS: well,I’m 75% way through my next novel “Behind The Mask” which is a LEsfic Novel that explores many facets of recovering from an accident which causes the lead character to loose a leg,The story goes very deep into what happens to the mental health of not just the victim but those closest to her but it’s not all bad…spoiler alert, there may be romance.Just to alert anyone interested in this new novel its more of an adult book rather than teen novel so please bare that in mind when it’s released.

As this year is rapidly coming to an end I just want to extend my sincere thanks to each and everyone of you who have supported my journey this year in any way, in particular a huge thank you to everyone who voted for me in the DIVA Awards. I can say in all honesty I still look at this picture and think I’m dreaming. I started this journey four years with no expectations or wild dreams but somehow I rediscovered my place and destiny. I love writing fiction I could never live without writing poetry now and to be given the opportunity to use this platform to support  the causes I feel strongly about and to be a role model to others is a position I take proudly and I will carry on as long as I can. I am human like everyone else I have good days and bad but I only have to look at this picture and remember how far I have come and what I am capable of. A lot of my strength comes from your continued support so thank thank so much and I promise 2019 will be a busy and exciting year from me watch this space. I know it’s early but, Happy Christmas and I wish nothing but the best for you all.




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