I passionately believe in giving everyone from the Disability LGBT community a voice.eryone else I aim to give an honest eductaion  and fun insight into our lives.

I began to write approximately four years ago after realising the gap in the market for disabled LGBT artists. It occurred to me that there was a lack of artists with high profiles due to no other role models. To me we need to raise the profile and visibility of disabled LGBT people and encourage more artists to promote their talents  whilst educating the rest of society. I have no formal writing qualifications just over forty years life experience as a disabled woman. I grew up feeling like I was not being heard or encouraged to develop and celebrate any ability or talents .i express my inner most feelings through poetry and use my life experiences into my authors work.

To date I have two novels published and I write poems on a daily basis, I hope soon to release my first poetry anthology book.


ARTICLES: My article was published!!

Shining a light on a seemingly all-forgotten minority.
Over the course of this summer, myself – along with millions of other people around the world – were glued to the TV watching the Olympics, and later the Paralympics from Rio.
Not since London 2012 have I been addicted to this level.
Across social media, every channel was strewn with images and articles, counting and naming how many openly LGBT athletes were competing – and images of LGBT athletes proposing publicly to their partners.
This is obviously a huge step forward from days gone by.
When I think back to the first Olympics I can remember… 1984 Los Angeles… there was no mention of any LGBT athletes.
In fact, more emphasis was placed on how many athletes of colour were competing. Oh how times have changed. Or have they?
Let’s scratch the surface.
To a degree, I take pleasure in celebrating with my peers while I remember those campaigners who have fought so hard for so long for equal rights, and some paying the ultimate price.
However, from my many hours sat watching events unfold in the Paralympics I cannot recall a single commentator mention, nor did I see any social media coverage, stating which paraathletes were LGBT.
When I had this realisation three years ago that there was a lack of disabled LGBT artists in the public eye I became stuck on the same question…why???
It is wonderful to see how time has caught up with the achievements of people with disabilities, and the inspiring sporting achievements they make.
Nonetheless, despite the days of the glamour page three model culture being over, we are hook, line and sinker obsessed with who’s wearing what label, who’s had plastic surgery, lost/gained weight and pushing the picture perfect images of LGBT people on the front of our magazines and websites.
Like all communities, the LGBT community is obsessed with the “perfect” representation of people which breeds a certain trend and perception.
Bearing all this in mind, I can’t help but come to the conclusion that disabled people are just not viewed as “sexy”, “cool, or “trendy”.
Could this be the reason more of us don’t promote themselves and pursue the same level of public recognition and fame?
Granted, the current trend in popular culture seems to focus on ordinary people finding fame via the reality TV route, but when it comes down to it, they cannot offer much more than their looks and the life partners they are seen with from week to week.
It’s a sad fact that when I reflect back to the LGBT people I looked up to and admired growing up, non of these had any form of disability.
But WE do exist – and I am blessed that I have been embraced into a community where I can share my chosen profession as an equal openly showing my disability onstage.
In an ideal world, I would love to be involved with events which feature more LGBT disabled singers/band members, films with lead characters with disabilities, comedians, writers, all walks of the arts life.
Yes, I have more than once had obstacles to overcome from an access point of view, but I am here doing something I love but it feels like I’m in the minority and it’s a very lonely place to be.
Having come from a thriving disability arts culture, I’m very familiar and comfortable about celebrating difference from a disability point of view.
For some disabled artists, they believe the LGBT community is the only place their talents can be seen without prejudice and be fully valued.
I ask why can’t more of these artists be encouraged to take the leap of faith, and push themselves into the mainstream, to be open about sexuality and be as supported, as I know they will be, by the non-disabled world?
I’ve had to do my own research and discover which of these disabled athletes are a part of the LGBT community, and quite frankly, there are a lot of attractive disabled LGBT athletes out there.
Yes, I am delighted that more disabled characters are written into soap operas but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that there is not the usual tilt towards portraying the tragic and brave mentality towards their storylines.
I also hope there will be storylines where we see a disabled character involved in a relationship – and why not a gay one???
I long for the day when I can sit down in front of my TV or at the cinema and watch a film with a disabled character, but that is not the only thing about them!
Maybe play a leading lady, leading man… or hero…who knows…
All it takes is just a few writers and directors to pluck up the courage and put us on the TV screen.
It just takes a few of us as artists to pluck up the courage and go to an audition, send in a demo tape or turn up to an open mic night.
Be aware, I and my peers don’t wish to have a place there just to make up the numbers for ratings and statistics, we want to chance to prove that we are gay, sexy and disabled and ready to take on the arts!

Archive performances: Hampshire Pride 2016 and LFest 2016

I Was delighted to be invited to do a live reading at Hampshire Pride I was made to feel very welcome.

This weekend I was lucky enough to appear on the indie Author Panel at LFest 2016.It would double up as the official Launch of my second Novel Needle In A Haystack, exerts from the diary of Charlie Duke.On Saturday morning I sat nervously perched ontop of the raised platform hoping not to fall off the back, looking around at the women arriving into the Arts Tent, our venue for the panel. I had spent some time earlier chatting to the other authors getting to know them, we seemed to quickly bond and I felt very comfortable around them.i was initially nervous about my book as my target audience for is are teenagers so reading to an adult audience was in my mind a risk, however I felt my book received a great deal of interest . So now almost a week on from the panel I am busy sending out copies of my new book after receiving orders directly from people who attended Lfest and I am putting together a marketing plan. Al the support I am receiving is so appreciated. If you would like to buy a copy of Needle In A Haystack please log onto Amazon.




News: Needle In A Haystack is released



Soon to be released My Debut poetry collection Ripples

Ripples My Debut poetry collection


To buy copies of Needle In A Haystack or How To Love

To buy copies of How To Love and Needle In a Haystack two books in the trilogy featuring Charlie Duke. Each book costs:



I am delighted to announce my new novel Needle In A Haystack is now published in paperback.It will take a awhile to get it all registered available from Amazon in Paperback and for Kindle so please bare with us.In the meantime if you would like to place an order please contact me via email, or Facebook and we can arrange this for you.This second book has been such a labour of love and I am thrilled to be releasing it and reading from it at this years LFest in two weeks time.For further information please email me at sallyedwardsauthor@gmail.com

for information about LFest log onto:lfest.co.uk





The ingredients of influence

I was recently reminded of an album recorded by my all time favourite singing artist, which was a collection of covers from Canadian singer/song writers from over the years..my idol being kid Lang, a Canadian artist herself.At the same time she was elevated a new album which featured collaborations with two other singers, all new material which they had written together.This got me thinking about how we as artists use so many different influences to create our work recognising that whilst all new work is a gift we bring but that also subconsciously each offering we share is without question loaded with so many different influences…if this was not the case then each of us would have an extremely short career indeed.I am in ore of those out there who continue to work after many years in their feild and still keep producing high quality pieces whether that’s novels, paintings, music, poetry, sculpture photography or anything else that comes under the umbreller of “Art”. I always pay great attention when I see an artist asked the question”what inspires you” hanging on their every word in the answer .

As I was joyfully listening to my favourite track from this album I had a rush of reminders of so many things that evoke certain emotions in me and inspire me some of which I feel like sharing with you.In the first place the song I was listening to was A Case Of  You written by Joni Mitchell but I was listening to the kid Lang version.I love the use of the image of being so in love with someone that if that love was turned into wine and you drank the whole case…you still couldn’t get enough of that person…just gorgeous!!! This of course is my own interpretation of the meaning to the song and I acknowledge that others will have another interpretation this is just mine. In addition to the sentiment to the song I’m totally captivated by the tone of Kd’s voice and I liken it to a melted chocolate soft velvet image to describe why I like it so much.But my appreciation of her doesn’t stop at the voice I have enormous respect for the way she holds her own as an artist in a very competitive business.despite not regularly being in the mainstream top 40 or featured artist regularly seen on MTV  she sticks to her own confidence and self belief that she has a valid place out there and appreciates grately the world wide fan based she has developed over a 30 year career.Many of her songs have enormous meaning to me from an LGBTnperspective and many of the songs I have adopted as personal anthems I play when I need an extra boost of confidence .I have read many books and articles/ interviews and documentaries about who she is as a person and my respect for her is endless. This brings me onto another artist based in UK who has been in the business just as long and has been labelled as being very similar to Kd’s..this of course is Horse McDonald. I first came across her work through her involvement with the first L  Project single “it does get better “. I have had the pleasure of being introduced to more of her music over the past year, seen her live at least three times and attended a workshop she lead in Scotland.I have gained an understanding of her history in the business and studied her vocal ability and developed huge respect for her ability as a singer.Unlike Kd’s she is not signed to a huge multi national record label but has a huge loyal following and gains more support each year .Again her self believe and refusals to go down the same route as many an artist and do her own thing is both refreshing and totally inspirational to me and like Kd’s many of her songs have personal meaning to me from an LGBT perspective and from a more basic subject as personal battles and staying strong at difficult times.Watching her live is as close to an on the go workshop for vocal techniques that you can possibly imagine and she never fails to amaze me just how much physical effort she puts into each song. Her closeness to her fans is a breath of Fresh air .I have even decided that one of her songs will be played at my own wedding as it sums up my relationship with my partner so perfectly. My inspiration doesn’t stop there it’s well documented that I write about issues surrounding my disability and living in a world where this can create issues, and also I write about LGBT issues not forgetting the individuals who have made so many sacrifices to make living our lives today so much easer and those who create environments for people like myself to have a voice and a place to go and be part of a community who accept me for who I am . Many basic things also inspire me such as watching a beautiful dance performance…my memory of dance has not left me completely and I’m very grateful for that that.I recently saw a painting in a shop window that I fell in love with it was of a female dancer in a pose I stared at it for a good ten minutes and all kinds of thoughts feelings and emotions came to me . I was lost in its beauty for a short period but it was an inspiritaional moment…Through dance I have gained a deep fascination with the human form, I love sculptures of figures, and sketches and paintings of naked bodies…not from a sexual point of view either.Images showing various landscapes also fill me with joy and I love  to be anywhere near natural water either a lake, sea or river bank there’s something so spiritually inspiring for me about the sea.

In summing up I think you will agree that there are many ingredients to what inspires me and I actively seek out new forms of inspiration. Long may the search continue for those I mention in this blog and long may it continue to encourage me to keep writing.


I’ve always lived with there’s a them and Us.

As I sit here days before the release of my second novel I am reminded of the feelings my main character went through in the story and how elements of them still hold true today.As the only disabled pupil in a mainstream school she fought for years to “fit in” and was severely bullied for being different.In addition when realising her sexuality was different from the rest she felt ashamed and hid her true self from her family and friends for a long time.These feelings come to me as I read newsfeeds reporting multiple deaths as a result of a gunman in an Orlando Gay Club and widespread Vilance in France between opposing football fans. When you consider how the worlds geographical borders are crossed more than ever before due to waring nations and ever changing immigration laws, you would think we lived in a world highly educated in the basic principles of tolerance, compassion and understanding. Why then  in 2016 am I sat here writing about more people being killed just for being gay, and why are the football programmes filled with stories of opposing fans fighting each other just because they are on opposite sides. At the end of the day it’s simple, you should be able to love the person you want to be with whether they are black white, male, female, and have tolerance for others if they choose to follow a difference sporting team than your own.On a more personal level I have spent most of my life being integrated in the mainstream after leaving special school at 13. I found the transition both a step up for my basic education but also feeling like a fish out of water being the only disabled pupil amongst 500 non disabled pupils.The school made countless efforts to make the building accessible but what I really needed was a bridge between “them and me”.  The fact I had separate lessons due to the building not having a lift put a wedge between myself and classmates and I was made to walk up and down the corridors in my physio therapy calipers whilst the others had fun on the field playing netball and hockey. I am referring back to the late 1980’s of course and thankfully I have witnessed how main stream schools have adopted a more inclusive environment and a lot of disabled pupils can now happily attend mainstream school with little or no obstacles .So lots of clear lessons have been learned but even now things are not that easy to be fully integrated. When I first emerged onto  “The Scene”  I tried so hard to “fit in” be accepted as one of the gang . As most of the socialising happened around going to pubs I found myself  drinking too much and getting a bad reputation .I had the mentality of “I need to keep up with everyone to fit in” which of course wasn’t true but yet I was hell bent on changing who I really was just to fit in. My body couldn’t cope with the amount I was drinking but I didn’t care because I had a so local life and found a peer group I finally fitted into.i really had hoped that we had come a long way since the 60’s and 70’s when gay rights really started to snowball into action, and in some respects we really have.In Uk a gay couple can now legally marry and adopt children amd there are laws within employment to stop homophobia in the workplace.Disabled people are celebrated more and more in the media through sporting achievements and mainstream soap characters. But still there are plenty of nations where it is deemed as illegal to be Gay and in some cases if discovered it is punishment by death, and some countries employ vigilantes who seek out Gay people and torture them if captured….in some countries still today if a young baby is born into a poor family they are deliberately  mutilated in some way and put out in the streets to beg for money . Young girls in single figures in years are married off  and forced to get pregnant often dying in child birth, why is this ok? In the words of the song…”we’re all human” Being gay isn’t a lifestyle choice, like a hairstyle or the clothes you wear, it’s who we are, just like being born disabled isn’t a choice and in the words of Bob Marley, get up stand up..for your rights.. Let young girls be children.

In summing up it is sadly very clear to me that the work of such iconic personalities like Harvey Milk needs to continue yes our generation is very fortunate but we need to keep educating and demanding change. Some may say why as an author/ poet am I speaking out about these issues  why not stick to creating my fiction , simple, I’m a human being first and foremost these issues affect me greatly as a disabled female gay person, but more simply as a human being who wants to see more love and acceptance in the world….Love people love….not hate!




























































































































































































My charity work

Im participating in a 24 hour silence to experience first hand what it’s like not to have a voice on behalf of children living with non verbal autism.

https://www.facebook.com/sally.edwards.31/videos/10155979497353496/imageAbout to begin our handcycle Marathon on Sunday 5th June 2016 for Behind The Mask Foundation.

I continue to give back to the many causes I feel passionate about. currently all proceeds collected from sales of my two books will be donated to The L Project. I am in the middle of writing anew title Behind The Mask which is a novel focussing on the subject of mental health.All proceeds from sales for this will go to behind the mask campaign.


It’s better to give than receive


Right from the start of my adventures as a writer I felt very strongly that the  work I did benefitted others. Proceeds to my debut novel are going to the LGBT charity the L Project so will the follow up novel released later this summer and the next one to be released is called Behind The Mask. Proceeds from the sale of this will go to the Behind The Mask Foundation. Just over three years ago I became friends with Michelle and aware of her journey of living with PTSD and her recovery.I was delighted when I volunteered my time to anything I could when she set up her foundation which is a peer support and counselling service which can be accessed by people online , meaning they don’t have to leave their own front door to get help.Along with my partner we were asked to be part of the fund raising team.This exciting role means we get to do lots of exciting things whilst raising money and the profile of the foundation. On Sunday 5th June my partner and I will be taking on a 26 mile hand cycle challenge in my local gym.As both of us are wheelchair users this is an enormous challenge but my theory is that mental health is not easy to live with and there are many challenges living with it, so why give ourselves something easy to do to raise funds?. We all experience some form of mental health issue in our lives be it directly or know of someone close who is suffering, and there is such a stigma around the subject. I have had my own struggles and am close to others who have their own battles .My reasons for doing the challenge are personal as this is a significant date in my life therefore it has meaning.

If you can support behind the mask in any way you can reach them at


this is also the place to go to donate to our event on Sunday or to simply donate to the foundation

thank you