Charity Work

Most of the work I am writing currently is based on various subjects I feel very passionate about. The subjects I am focus on are, Mental Health Awareness, Disability Awareness and Animal welfare.  I don’t see myself doing any charity work as such but I think it’s important that I highlight issues where I can . It has occured to me that so much of my work has one common thread, communication. The basic ability to verbally communicate is something most people take for granted.When I became more aware of the issues surrounding Autism and in particular non verbal autism Cerabral Palsy and the difficulties around verbal communication for some people with Downes Sundrome  I immediately wanted to raise awareness of these issues and find a way to represent people living with these disabilities and conditions. With my latest Ebook Soma Needs A Friend I hope to be able to participate in personal appearances where I can read the story to young children with communication challenges.

There are so many issues out there that deserve widespread exposure  I just hope I can help in some way to raise awareness of these few I have mentioned and if I can help anyone or educate people more about these subjects then I will be very satisfied.

Friday 14th April 2017

Im participating in a 24 hour silence to experience first hand what it’s like not to have a voice on behalf of children living with non verbal autism. to begin our handcycle Marathon on Sunday 5th June 2016 for Behind The Mask Foundation.

I continue to give back to the many causes I feel passionate about. currently all proceeds collected from sales of my two books will be donated to The L Project. I am in the middle of writing anew title Behind The Mask which is a novel focussing on the subject of mental health.All proceeds from sales for this will go to behind the mask campaign.

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